Ugly Floors? These Showstopping Rugs Will Make Them Disappear

Gabrielle Savoie

Other than painting a room, a large rug is one of the easiest ways to completely transform a space. It can add texture to an already-completed room or mask an unsightly floor almost entirely. Rooms with dark floors can be brightened up with a light rug, while bright-and-airy rooms can be layered with a colourful rug. So how do you choose the best rug for your space? It all starts with identifying the perfect size for your needs.

The material, price, and colour are also important considerations: Do you need a rug that's hard-wearing for pets or small children? Do you want something that's extra soft underfoot for a bedroom? Are you looking to make a bright statement or create a neutral base? Once you've narrowed down your needs, it's time to get shopping. To make the decision a little easier, we handpicked the best rugs that are suited for all budgets, styles, and sizes.

West Elm Souk Rug ($489)

This is the perfect rug for a neutral addition to your home. This rug is handcrafted from New Zealand wool and is practically made for lounging. 

CB2 Equinox Camel Brown Ombre Rug ($201)

This camel-coloured ombre rug adds a vintage touch to a space while still feeling fresh and modern. It's a great affordable, hardworking rug option that's pet- and kid-friendly.

IKEA Stockholm Rug ($249)

Handwoven in India, this rug is mobile, light and easy to move around as you re-design your abode. The dark colouring also means that it can withstand any (wine) mishaps that may take place. 

Network Rugs Viva Persian Oriental Rug ($79)

This oriental pattern will instantly liven up the aesthetic in your room. For a more mid-century modern vibe, pair with a dark-toned coffee table. 

Network Rugs Round Jute Natural Rug ($289)

A little smaller than other options, this round, textured rug will sit pretty as a focal point in any room and will perfectly pair with a luxe reading chair to match. 

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