Melbourne Is Home to One of the World's Best Restuarants

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler


Melbourne Restaurant Attica has been ranked the best restaurant in Australasia in an industry respected round-up. Known for its nod to our local culture, Attica is pushing food boundaries with its eclectic and modern mix of Australian cuisine. Note: Its standout dish is whipped emu's egg with a sugar bag… We’re intrigued.

“References to Aussie culture and history are threaded throughout Attica’s menus, some of them more subtly than others, whether it’s in the form of “Gazza’s Vegemite pie,” wattleseed bread, halftime oranges, or the Anzac marshmallow that closes proceedings,” says Attica’s chef Ben Shewry. The World’s Best 50 Restaurants list puts Attica at number 32 in the world, an incredible achievement for the Melbourne eatery. Joining Attica is another Australian restaurant, Brae, located in Birregurra in Victoria. This seasonal contemporary establishment is placed at number 44 on the list.

We’re excited to have such stellar dining options on our doorstep! Our recommendation? Book a table ASAP before word gets out.

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