I've Been to 15 Countries in Africa—I Always Recommend These 7

You wouldn't be entirely wrong in assuming that Lee Litumbe lives on the road. In 2014, the Cameroonian born travel writer decided to quit her career in corporate finance to found Spirited Pursuit, a blog dedicated to chronicling her travels throughout Africa. "Africa is in dire need of rebranding and being captured through inspired eyes," she told MyDomaine. "I wanted to be part of that rebrand by sharing my personal stories and genuine experiences as a solo female traveller."

To date, Litumbe has visited 15 African countries—and counting (right now, she's in South Africa). From the red dunes of Sossusvlei to the narrow streets of Lamu Town, Litumbe's gorgeous photography and poignant storytelling showcase all the history, beauty, and heart the continent has to offer to adventurous travellers. "Africa needs more Africans to tell the world her story," Litumbe told MyDomaine. "To experience her endless offerings firsthand and capture her diverse beauty accurately. And most importantly, to create content that inspires and informs on how you too can come experience it all for yourself," she says.

To inspire our wanderlust, Litumbe opens up about some of the most incredible countries she's visited in Africa. Spanning the stunning white-sand beaches of Mozambique to the colourful colonial buildings of Senegal, these are the destinations that lure her back again and again.

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