These 9 Podcasts Make Parenting Books Kind of Redundant

Nicole Singh

I’m not a mother yet, but I do have a best friend who is. During one of our rare (and kid-interrupted) coffee dates she mentioned that the first thing to go out the window when you have kids is sitting down for hours with a good book. And while many parents frantically read many tomes before the babe comes, what also helps you on your journey of parenting is having easy access to helpful and even humorous content that you can listen to while you prep the kids for bed and frantically make an easy, weeknight dinner.

So, while parenting is definitely up to each family choosing what works for them, the best way to find resources that match your values is to try a few. So, to help you find some important time for yourself, we’ve curated the nine podcasts getting rave reviews that will help save you time, money and valuable bookshelf real estate.

The Longest Shortest Time

Originally a contributor for This American Life, host Hillary Frank tackles some of the most interesting, diverse and arresting stories that comes with parenting. For deeper conversation on post-pregnancy sex and racism, this one’s for you.

One Bad Mother

Laughing is often the best medicine for sleep-deprivation and One Bad Mother does that while addressing some of the very real and raw moments that can make mothers feel critical of themselves. Warning: There is a fair bit of swearing, so it may be best to listen with your headphones in.

The Mom Hour

Think of this a perfect wine-o-clock moment with some friends who have been there and actually get it. Hosted by Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis—who have eight kids between then—Not only will you have many “I’ve been there moments” but also gain some really practical advice from mothers who are in the same boat. 


Created and hosted by parenting expert and author Janet Lansbury, Unruffled focuses on having respect and acceptance of children’s emotions while finding a way to set clear boundaries around unwanted behaviour.

The Boob Group

If you’re a new mum and looking for something a little more hyper-focused, hosted by a lactation specialist The Boob Group provides everything you need to know about breastfeeding. 

Scummy Mummies

Hosted by two comedians, this show is sure to give your daily dose of laughs while tackling real issues from travelling with kids to feminism. 

 Little Sprigs

If you’re looking for tips on raising children with resilience and confidence Little Sprigs tackles how to instil these traits in your kids in the long-run. Think of it as your go-to guide for conscious and mindful parenting.

Zen Parenting

While the name can be a little off-putting, this is a great opportunity for parents who have different styles to come together. Married hosts Cassani Adams (driven by emotions) and Tod Adams (driven by logic) discuss and tackle topics they deal with and give an insight into different methods of parenting and how to find balance between the two.

Manic Mommies

Though it’s no longer still in production, the fact that Manic Mommies boasts over four million downloads kind of says something. And with over 405 episodes you’re bound to find something that speaks to you with advice from paediatricians and parenting coaches bounding aplenty.


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