15 of the Most Incredible Natural Swimming Pools in the World

Julia Millay Walsh

There’s nothing like the sight of crystal-blue water to make us want to board an aeroplane. When the mercury rises, the urge to dive right into a glimmering turquoise body of water is hard to resist. But while pools are all too common and beaches often get crowded in summer months, here's another idea we'd like to float by you: natural swimming pools. Often more remote and pristine that popular coastal destinations, these bodies of water are hard to resist

With everyone we know (almost) heading overseas at the moment, we thought we’d instill some of that “Where in the world is that?” wanderlust in you, so we rounded up some of the most incredible natural swimming pools that you can actually take a dip in around the world. From a death-defying waterfall to a pool that’s Pepto-Bismol pink, these lakes, lagoons, caves, holes, and bays will stun you.

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