The Critics Have Spoken—These Movies and TV Shows Are Actually Worth Your Time

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but the hibernating season is far from over. With snow, rain, and sleet dominating daily forecasts, thawing temperatures are still several (long) months away. Luckily, there's a fresh crop of marathon-worthy movies and binge-able television shows to queue up while we await the proverbial darling buds of May. And, boy, is the lineup good this February.

As of today, Netflix is debuting its highly anticipated series Russian Doll, Amazon Prime is releasing the BBC's modern take on Agatha Christie's ABC Murders, Hulu is airing beloved modern classics like While You Were Sleeping and Mystic Pizza, and HBO is scaring the masses with its horror anthology Folklore. If you're looking to update your watch list, keep scrolling to find out which movies and TV shows are actually worth your time, according to the critics. 

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