6 Things Successful Women Never Do in the Morning

Sophie Miura

If there’s one part of your day that’s worthy of an overhaul, it’s the morning. Think of those first few hours as preparation before a big match, a time when you can calm your mind, strategize, and get your head in the game.

We know that Arianna Huffington starts her day with meditation and Gwyneth Paltrow rises to a glass of warm water with lemon, but when it comes to truly honing a successful routine, we thought it time to look at the flip side: What should you avoid doing in the morning to start your day in the best possible way?

To find out, we called on 13 women we admire—leaders ranging from CEOs and co-founders to actresses and Broadway producers. They run multimillion-dollar businesses, oversee international teams, have built brands from scratch, and won Tony awards. In other words, if there’s anyone worthy of dishing advice, it’s them.

Here, they reveal the number one thing they never do in the morning, and how to use the first hours of sunlight to give your day the best chance of success. Set your alarm: Your a.m. routine is about to get a game-changing overhaul.

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