Breakfast Time Just Got a Whole Lot More Exciting

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

It's the most important meal of the day for a reason. One being the health benefits, of course, but two because breakfast possibilities are endless. From muesli to bagels, to eggs and potatoes, and even sweets, the first meal of the day is most definitely something Australians like to indulge in and celebrate, and Melbourne is leading the charge (no surprises there, really).

Good Food have just announced its list of the top 20 cafes in Melbourne for 2017, which means your breakfast options just got a whole lot tastier. Oh, and also remember when we told you that people who eat two breakfasts are actually healthier? Now is the time to put that theory to the test. We picked our five favourites from the list and you won't be disappointed when you're sipping your blue latte while munching on your banoffee doughnuts (yes, breakfast doughnuts). Whether you're from the north, east, south or west of Melbourne, we have you covered with a spot that is sure to impress. 

Keep scrolling to discover your new favourite Sunday brunch spot.

White Mojo in Melbourne

We were sold at the mere sight of White Mojo's award-winning double cheese chilli scrambled eggs. So why wouldn't we be already dreaming of a black brioche bun filled with smoked belly bacon after a big (or even quiet) Friday night?

Three Monkeys Place in Doncaster East

Perfect for grabbing your girlfriends and having brunch à la Sex and the City style. This is for the serious coffee and savoury dishes lovers.

Dumbo in Footscray

Doughnuts for breakfast is socially acceptable thanks to Dumbo. Think layers of banoffee flavours with caramelised banana, coffee marscapone, chocolate, and raspberries—yum!


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Au79 Cafe in Abbotsford

Living up to its name (that's the chemical symbol and atomic number for gold for the non-chemistry fanatics), the breakfast menu at Au79 Cafe is the gold class of morning meals.


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Moby 3143 in Armadale

This sleek cafe takes classics and makes them even better. Case in point: Its eggs benedict includes slow-braised ham and pork crackling "dust".


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