All the Best Living Rooms of 2018 Had This in Common—Does Yours?

Gabrielle Savoie

Good design is rather common, but what makes a room truly great? This is the question we asked ourselves when handpicking our favourite living rooms of 2018. While décor trends tend to dictate what we see in popular interiors, the best spaces tend to stray from trends—providing a striking visual, a new point of view, or a unique mix of periods and styles. It's not that trends are banished altogether in these spaces, but if present, they are used sparingly, in contrast to another period or style, and with elements that wouldn't automatically be regarded as trendy.

Think of it as the outfit of someone with great style versus someone that's simply embracing the season's latest trends. The former may include a great vintage piece or two, a trendy fast-fashion piece, and quality classics like a Chanel handbag or Manolo pumps. It's the mix that makes the outfit great—not the trend. With this in mind, we handpicked our favourite living rooms of 2018. See why these spaces have caught our eye beyond all others this year.

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