The Best Indoor Plants to Clear the Air, Literally

Sabrina Paparella

Plants bring a new dimension of liveliness into the home, varying in their beauty, adding much-needed colour, and interplaying beautifully with the surrounding décor. However, plants do more than vivify your home. The best indoor plants are also incredible agents for expelling chemical pollutants.

The number of chemicals in our homes produced by household cleaners, paint, rubber, adhesives—you name it—is more ubiquitous than you may think. In point of fact, our places of residence are filled with chemicals that we usually don't give a second thought. The most common of these chemicals, formaldehyde is commonly found in household products and building supplies, benzene is in plastics and resins, and trichloroethylene can be seen in adhesives.

Plants add balance to the manmade products in your home, but seven air-purifying plants in particular clear chemical agents with amazing effectiveness. Keep reading for the best indoor plants for clean air.

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