Chic Indoor Plants That Make Every Day Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, a global effort to bring awareness and attention to environmental protection, and here at Domaine, we thought we would help celebrate Mother Nature by reminding our readers of easy ways to bring the outdoors in. Read on for our takes on the best indoor plants, green accessories, and how to arrange a succulent garden. For other ways you can celebrate Earth Day and protect your environment, head to the official Earth Day website and take the pledge to act green. Coit

How to Arrange Succulents with Stephen Block from Inner Gardens

Johan Selin

5 Delicious Indoor Plants for Black Thumbs

The Sill

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Desktop


The Look You Need: Potted Topiaries

Photographs: Justin Coit, Johan Sellén, Courtesy of The Sill,Eric Piasecki for Elle Decor

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