Jump Off the Health Train: These are the Best Places for Fries in Sydney

Nicole Singh

Okay, so everyone has their vice. For some it’s wine and for others it’s chocolate, but for me, it’s undeniably fries. I mean, what’s not to love about them? A salty, crisp shell that boasts a soft inside with each bite. Perfection. I literally have cravings every few days—yeah, I’m working on it.

While these golden delights tend to be served more as a side dish, in my humble opinion, they are really the main event and worth travelling all around Sydney for. So, to celebrate the crispy deliciousness that is the French fry, I’ve rounded up six cult joints around town. If you’re currently in shred mode, we suggest hopping off the health train just for a little while, because you’re going to want fries after reading this.

Chargrill Charlie's shoestring fries




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Charlie & Co. Burgers truffle fries


zucchini fries


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chica bonita

cheese and chilli fries


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Alternatively, you could master your own fries with Sunbeam's Deep Fryer ($64)

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