3 Netflix Documentaries That Will Motivate You to Eat Healthier

Kelsey Clark

While the only surefire way to improve your health is to work out, sometimes you need a little mental motivation to get you off your couch and into the gym. For the smoothest transition of all, try turning your next Netflix binge into a health documentary marathon. Popsugar Australia has created the perfect lineup for you, compiling the 10 best health documentaries on Netflix to jump-start your 2017 health resolutions. Get started with the top three below, and happy binge-watching! 

Fork Over Knives

"The message in Forks Over Knives is clear: a plant-based diet free of processed foods is necessary for optimal health," writes Popsugar. "While it takes on some of the ethical principles of veganism, Forks Over Knives really focuses on the scientific proof that plant-based diets work best for our bodies."

Hungry For Change



"If you're tired of feeling tired and ready to make a shift toward clean eating, Hungry For Change is the documentary that will make it happen—and stick for good," writes Popsugar Australia. "Part expert advice and part first-person testimonial, this film looks at the lies food companies are feeding you (literally)."

Food Inc.



"Food Inc. will make you seriously think about where you get your food," writes Popsugar Australia. "The graphic documentary reveals scary truths about 'corporate-controlled' food sources, the use of growth hormones, and the realities of animal abuse." This one is not for the faint of heart.

Which health documentaries have made an impression on you? Share them with us below.

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