Hands Down: The 16 Best Flatware Sets (No Matter Your Budget)

Gabrielle Savoie

Courtesy of West Elm

When it comes to everyday dining, flatware can be somewhat of an afterthought. Many of us started with a first-apartment starter set and never upgraded. Maybe we've moved around and mixed sets with roommates—making the utensils drawer even more of a melting pot. If this sounds all too familiar and you think it might be time for an upgrade, now's a perfect time.

On the heels of the holiday season (and the Black Friday deals), there are not only savings to be made, but you'll also have plenty of opportunities to show off your new shiny flatware set to your many holiday dinner parties. To make the task of finding the perfect set for you (no matter how big or small your budget), we handpicked 16 of the best flatware sets out there. Bon appétit. 

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