Here's What Fitness Routine to Try in 2017, According to Your Personality

Dacy Knight


Is getting back in the gym a part of your New Year's resolutions? Before you commit to a new membership or begin signing up for classes, it's important to remember that not all fitness regimens are created equal. Each individual performs differently in different exercises, and it's important to determine what workout will be most enjoyable and effective for you.

When it comes to the "best" fitness routine for you, it's the one that you'll do consistently. The Washington Post recently proposed ways to determine which workout plan best suits your personality type, upping your chances of actually sticking to it through the year. 

“If you’re a Type A personality, you probably have a quantitative goal. You might be wearing a fitness tracker, and you probably feel you need a reason to work out,” says Pete McCall, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise. You'll find activities that involve fitness trackers—like spin class, the treadmill, or training that involves your FitBit—to be most rewarding.

“On the other hand," McCall continues, "if you’re more motivated by collaboration, whether there is a quantitative goal or not, then you might do well in something like Zumba, where the purpose is to have a dance party." Extrovert personalities will thrive in group fitness classes like CrossFit or boot camp that rely on working together, while introverts will feel more comfortable with inward-turning activities like yoga.

Now go ahead and take the scary-accurate test that can tell you the best workout for your personality, presented by our sister site Byrdie.

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