3 Tasty Taco Recipes You'll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight

How much do we love fish tacos? Let us count the ways: We love them when they’re spicy, when they’re crispy, and especially when they’re topped with slaw. They also make a perfectly healthy autumn/winter dinner because they’re not too heavy, and they taste even better when you cook the fish on the grill. So many types of fish will give the tacos a tasty kick—there's no end to how much you can mix it up. We'll never get sick of this dish—and we doubt you will either. So we rounded up the best fish taco recipes—and each can be dished up in under 15 minutes. Scroll through, and then get cooking.


The Hero Ingredient: The fish is the star of the show in this spicy fish tacos recipe—when it’s pan-fried, it gets almost the same crunchiness as when you use a deep fryer.

The Recipe: Tilapia seasoned with a slew of spices—cumin, chilli powder, paprika, onion powder, and salt—is cooked with oil for that fried texture. Jalapeño slices, pickled carrots, cotija cheese, avocado, and corriander make the ultimate topping. 

The Clincher: The white corn tortillas puff up and get extra crispy when heated in a cast iron pan for around three minutes.


The Hero Ingredient: So it’s not just one ingredient that takes the cake here. The medley of grapefruit, blood orange, and mango adds tropical flavour to the slaw in this recipe. This sweetness gets balanced out by the lime juice and spice marinade on the salmon.

The Recipe: A marinated, grilled salmon fillet gets topped with the above tropical slaw and a chipotle crema made from cream cheese, crema, chipotle chiles in adobo, buttermilk, and lime. Put all of this in a taco shell, and dig in.

The Clincher: Garnish with a little bit of cabbage for just the right crunch.  


The Hero Ingredient: Simple homemade taco shells made by baking corn tortillas make all the difference when it comes to flavour.

The Recipe: Salmon rubbed with a spice marinade and olive oil is grilled until flaky in this taco recipe. Then each shell bottom gets a smear of cream cheese and cheddar cheese for a quasi-queso, is filled with salmon, and topped with mashed avocado and your favourite hot sauce.

The Clincher: You likely have most of these ingredients in the fridge and pantry. How’s that for convenience?

Want more meal inspiration? Be sure to check out our favourite quinoa salad recipes, and tell us which fish taco you're going to make first in the comments!

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