12 Family-Approved U.S. Vacation Destinations You'll Never Want to Leave

by Zoe Brown

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You have saved up your time and money to take a family vacation, so the hard part is over. The remaining stress lies in finding the perfect destination. Many factors will go into your decision as you consider weather, price, and distance to travel, but the most important aspect is knowing where your loved ones will all have fun.

Fun is, of course, a relative concept, and unless you plan to make the trip a surprise for all, everyone should have a say in where they would like to go. The ideal destination will be a compromise but should feature something that both kids and adults will enjoy.

The majestic wonder of nature can be found at protected national parks across all 50 states. Museums and guided tours are no kid’s first choice for fun, but they can be entertaining if their personal interests are piqued. The same can be said for adults, especially when their enthusiasm overlaps like with, say, the American Revolution or dinosaurs; plenty of natural history museums and tours of quaint sites can be found across the country.

Secondary necessities like stroller accessibility or a nearby spot to get a good cocktail will make an average family vacation unforgettable. While there is no correct way to travel together, doing research ahead of time will keep your focus on relaxation instead of anxiety. For a guaranteed happy time had by all, check out the best family vacations in the U.S.

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