Put Aside the Devices—These Are the 15 Best Family Board Games of 2018

Finding high-quality screen-free diversions that you and your family can enjoy together can be tough but we all know how rewarding it is when we do. Enter family game night. The humble board game, puzzle, or game of cards can cultivate that much-needed face time with you and your kids (or friends) and give you all a chance to bond over shared teamwork. In case you missed it, board games are experiencing something of a cultural renaissance, from the resurgence of classic titles to the rollout of totally new games.

Our family favourite is Monopoly, but don't expect to leave the table for a few hours once that dice first rolls. But don't worry, we have plenty of other board games you can try that ramp up the fun factor and will have you all laughing the night (or day) away. Winter is also the perfect weather for it. Who doesn't love sipping on a hot cocoa or mulled wine while playing board games and watching it snow outside? 

To help you revive your game cabinet—and perhaps channel that competitive sibling rivalry into something productive—see our picks for 10 of the best family board games to play right now.

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