The #1 Thing All Entrepreneurs Should Do, According to a Successful Businesswoman

Lauren Powell


When the founder of one of the most successful start-up businesses in the country gives advice, we take note. RedBalloon founder, Naomi Simson, recently spoke at Australia's renowned business conference, Sage Connect and revealed her number one tip for entrepreneurs who want to grow their company.

Her advice? Listen. “What often happens is we see people come in and they are so in love with what they think they’re going to do, they actually can’t listen,” explains Simson. “The critical thing to business growth is your ability to listen. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

As an investor in the aspiring entrepreneur contest and reality TV show, Shark Tank, Simson has learnt that founders can often get in the way of their own success by being narrow-minded and not open to ideas and advice. “Any great leader listens far more than they speak,” Simson says.   

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