The Best Easy Dessert Recipes Only Take 20 Minutes (or Less) to Prep

The only thing better than a sweet, sugary, rich dessert is a sweet, sugary, rich dessert that's actually easy to make from scratch. If you're a novice baker looking to brush up on your skills in the kitchen, there's no need to spend your time decoding fine French pastry recipes or hoping a chocolate soufflé will rise. Leave the serious baking to the professionals and keep things simple in your home kitchen.

You can quickly whip up four-ingredient no-bake chocolate sweets, boozy pecan rum balls, or a batch of classic chocolate chip cookie bars and call it a day rather than commit to hours in the kitchen. You'll be left with a tasty treat made in no time at all that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, you can use the time you would have spent trying to figure out a complicated recipe enjoying your freshly baked dessert, catching up on your favourite TV shows, or doing whatever else it is you like to do with your free time. Ahead, study 15 of the best easy dessert recipes around and try your hand at one (or more) of the sweets. 

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