The 9 Best Drugstore Vitamin C Serums to Clear Up Your Skin Tone

by Zoe Brown

Foods are the greatest source of vitamin C, but it can be hard to get in enough of it through diet alone. That's where the topical version comes into play—celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau proves its efficacy in this video. Since it entered the market, Vitamin C serum has gained widespread popularity but there has been some debate as to what fruits contained the highest concentration. Oranges have long been the rumoured champ, but that’s only the result of good marketing; strawberries and other fruits contain more vitamin C per ounce.

And while you can always up the vitamin C count in your diet, the topical serum is the best way to combat common skin concerns such as discoloration and scarring. With the right balance of other chemical elements, a supplement can heal and brighten skin for a lasting glow.

When it comes to choosing the best vitamin C serum for you, Dermstore has a convenient questionnaire to help narrow your options. Otherwise, know your symptoms: Start slow, with a low concentration serum before increasing the strength as you go.

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