A Definitive List of the Best Documentaries of 2017 to Binge on This Weekend

Sophie Miura

Weekends stand as the perfect opportunity to pour a glass of red wine and spend the night at home with a good film. In that vein, there's certainly no shortage of excellent documentaries to watch this fall. In fact, Thrillist has started ranking the best documentaries of 2017 as the year comes to a close, and it's enough to make you cancel your plans and stay in.

Highlighting nonfiction features that hit theatres this year with either full releases or pre-TV film festival runs, the team omitted any specials or series produced for the small screen. The list will continue to be updated until the end of the year, but here are the five films topping the list of documentaries to watch now:

1. Kedi

This film is "part travelogue, city symphony, nature film, and feature-length cat video," Thrillist writes, and follows the feline inhabitants of Istanbul, Turkey.

2. School Life

Thrillist dubs this documentary "the most charming film you'll see this year." It follows the lives of teachers and students at Headford, a boarding school in Ireland.

3. Dawson City: Frozen Time

History buffs will love this documentary, which explores the beginnings of cinema as well as the rise of Canada's Dawson City during the Yukon gold rush.

4. In Transit

This observational documentary takes place on the Empire Builder, a long-distance Amtrak train travelling through the Northern U.S. between Chicago and Seattle, and tells the story of the passengers on board.

5. Trophy

Trophy puts the controversial subject of big-game hunting "in a whole new light, enough for viewers to reconsider the industry as part of a systemic solution for wildlife conservation," Thrillist writes.

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