Heads-Up: I Always Get Compliments on These Décor Items

Gabrielle Savoie

I may live in a studio apartment, but that doesn't mean I don't love having people over. As a home décor editor, I spend a lot of time thinking about new ways to optimise my space—I strive to make it feel cosier, more inviting, and a touch more elevated. So I always appreciate when friends notice these small displays of attention to detail—no matter how tiny or understated. Because of the nature of my small space, décor displays around here must be physically petite, practical, and in sync with the rest of the apartment.

This goes to show that you don't need to make a grand statement for your guests at home—they will notice even the tiniest things: from the soap in your bathroom to the mugs in your cupboards. So if you want your next dinner party attendees or overnight guests to gush over everything from your Bluetooth speaker to your bed linens, I guarantee these accents will do the trick. Guests never fail to compliment me on these décor items, and this is why.

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