The Best Cities in the World for Female Travellers, No Matter Your Age

If you've collected more than a handful of passport stamps, then you know that not every trip is created equal. And while it's easy to amass travel experiences when we're young, the older we get, the more it can feel like every vacation is geared toward those with a significant other. But in our minds, you shouldn't have to wait for a bachelorette party or honeymoon to go out and see the world.

Here, we've gone in search of seven excuses to book a trip, be it a milestone birthday, a breakup, or a need for mother-daughter bonding time. Consider this the perfect opportunity to reconnect with that college pal you haven't seen in a while or make some new memories with your closest girlfriends. And if they can't make it, go solo; these cities are safe, fun, and perfect for female travellers, no matter your age. Ready to start planning already? Look no further than these seven picturesque cities.

Have you ever travelled solo? Tell us which cities you'd recommend.

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