These Airlines Are the Biggest Offenders in the Industry

Dana Covit

Think air travel is getting worse? Convinced you've been hit with more delayed flights than ever before? You're not wrong. A just-released annual government report on the air travel landscape puts statistical proof behind the hunches of travellers nationwide. Indeed, air travel is now the most delayed, least reliable, and most uncomfortable in history. According to the report, these are the worst offenders:

  • Envoy Air (which operates most American Eagle flights) received lowest marks for lateness and lost bags. Airlines lose an average of one bag for every 275 or so passengers, but at Envoy, the rate is one lost bag for every 110 passengers.
  • SkyWest received lowest marks for overbooking, tied with its subsidiary, ExpressJet.
  • Frontier received lowest marks for most complaints.
  • In general, on-time performance fell and the overall rate of complaints rose at the four biggest US airlines (Delta, United, American, and Southwest).


So, who should you fly with? Virgin received top marks in on-time performance and fewest lost bags, while Alaska Airlines received the fewest complaints overall. To read more of the report's findings, head to Business Insider.

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