8 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Doing Yoga

Katie Sweeney

Yoga has long been a relaxing and rejuvenating activity for adults, so it’s no surprise that it has the same effect on children. In a recent Parents article, author, mother, and yoga instructor Betsy Stephens explains the benefits of kids yoga. “Here's a trick that usually calms my children anytime they have more energy than their little body can contain. I simply ask them to touch their toes,” she writes. “It's usually a matter of seconds before one of the two is yawning. That's because—as I learned when I was training to become a yoga instructor—simply bending forward is calming.” Not only does yoga help anxious kids unwind, but it’s also great for several more reasons, which we highlight below!

  1. It’s a fun activity for little ones.
  2. Studies show that mind-body practices like yoga reduce a child’s risk for asthma, autism, ADHA, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  3. It helps decrease anxiety and stress—and the tummy and headaches that accompany the anxiety and stress—among kids.
  4. Yoga is especially helpful for kids who live in high-risk environments and have to deal with absent parents or violence.
  5. Many leading medical centres around the nation are offering children’s yoga classes and studying the results. The kids who do yoga generally experience fewer aches and pains.
  6. It heightens mindfulness, endurance, range of motion, and strength.
  7. Yoga increases levels of dopamine in the brain and can improve a child’s attention span and ability to learn new things and movements.
  8. Yoga empowers kids to master self-regulation of their emotions. Teaching them to breathe deeply and calm themselves down can reduce their need to throw temper tantrums when they are frustrated and angry.

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Do your kids do yoga? Have you noticed any of the benefits? 

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