Home Tour: Ben McKenzie’s Eclectic Hollywood Hills Home

Mat Sanders

What’s next for a guy who’s played a misunderstood orphan from the wrong side of the tracks, a by-the-book L.A.P.D rookie, and now a crime-fighting detective mixed up with mythical super villains? While redecorating may not seem like the next obvious undertaking, it was when actor Ben Mckenzie met yours truly and decided to update his home in the Hollywood Hills. “My taste has evolved since I bought the house when I was very young,” Ben told me as he first pointed out some typical offenders found in a young dude’s digs, like a monster-sized sectional and carpeting that ‘gets the job done.’  “I didn’t know what I was doing and it was starting to get embarrassing. Then we met and it felt like something I really wanted to do.”

Now splitting his time between California and New York, where he is currently shooting Fox’s hit Batman precursor, Gotham, making an oasis out of his L.A home seemed like a good way for McKenzie to escape the frigid East Coast temperatures and create a more adult-like space he would be proud to show off.

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