This New Website Lets Us Witness New Love Over Email

Dana Covit

Sometimes, the Internet can be a really beautiful place. Enter: Before We Met, a website in which we, the casual outsiders, are offered a very intimate peak at the blossoming of new love. The true story goes like this: copywriter Talia Ledner emailed Josh Kobrin about a job. The two then swiftly tumbled down a rabbit hole of countless email exchanges of witty banter and unguarded sharing that ultimately led to the two meeting in person, and, yes, getting married. The website chronicles the email exchanges in the same order as they were sent and received, with new entries appearing at the exact time as they would have popped into Talia and Josh's inboxes years ago. The result is like stumbling upon lost love letters of a time past. The giddy, this-feels-funny-in-a-good-way energy of the conversation leaps from the computer screen as we get to know these two individuals. Visit Before We Met to unfold the early stages of a modern love. Go on, you know you want to.

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