The One Drink Doctors Would Add to Your Morning Routine for Clear Skin

Dacy Knight

When we consider skin care, we often focus on the topical treatments we apply to clarify and beautify from the outside. But for truly lasting effects, we have to start from within. A healthy diet diverse in essential nutrients can help encourage beautiful, clear skin from the inside out. Certain foods are especially beneficial in helping collagen, cell renewal, and overall skin clarity—in fact, one dermatologist recommends a specific drink to kickstart your morning if you're seeking clearer skin.

Rachel Nazarian, M.D. advises starting each morning with a kale juice. "Kale is an amazing multivitamin for skin," she tells Marie Claire when outlining a liquid essential breakdown. "It has vitamin A (also found in anti-ageing creams such as retinol) and helps promote cell growth and healthy cell turnover, getting rid of the older dull skin." Kale is also a rich source of vitamin C and copper that aid skin strength and recovery when healing. Dr. Nazarian's suggested diet plan pairs your morning green juice with a latte with soy milk and suggests no fewer than eight glasses of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. "nothing makes skin look plumper and fresher," she says of nature's purest drink. "It helps skin turgor and keeps the elasticity at  optimum levels to give skin a good ' bounce,' creating a healthy look."

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