Feature: See Inside the Polished Hampton's Home That Left Our Editors Speechless

Gabrielle Savoie

In the world of interior design, having complete free rein on a project with a seemingly endless budget is about as rare as a unicorn sighting. In the real world, constraints of space, time, money, and client requirements make most residential design feel more like a master class in project management than a masterpiece in creative expression. Many designers live in the hopes that this type of project will fall on their desk one morning. For Hamptons-based designer Tamara Magel, this wild fantasy arrived on a silver platter in 2015, with the proposition of a collaboration with real estate developer de la Motte Schult to design and furnish the interiors of a turnkey Sagaponack property—from the lighting fixtures to the flatware in the cupboards. Such is how the world operates in the U.S.'s most expensive zip code. 

Over a year and a half went into this labour of love that turned an empty lot on Sagaponack's desirable Hedges Lane into a 12,600-square-foot, 11-bedroom, and 12-bathroom estate. Other than the physical constraints of the house's structure, no client brief had to be accommodated. On the developer's side, just one request: Please use our important art collection to fills the walls. Needless to say, the world of residential interior design doesn't get much better: "We basically came up with everything from the kitchens to the bathrooms to even the silverware and plates," Magel told us. "Basically, it's a house that you can purchase and move right in for the summer—no work required." Got a spare $24 million (USD) sitting around? You'll want to tour this property before moving in because this house just hit the market. Take the tour!

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