Style by the Decades: How to Decorate Your Bathroom at Every Age

Sacha Strebe

While your age should never be the determining factor in whether you purchase something or not, we certainly believe it influences your decision. As we enter each new decade of our lives, we evolve into a newly improved, grown-up version of ourselves. We shed our 20s skin as we move into our 30s and embrace the many changes that occurred in ourselves both personally and professionally, then start the cycle over from 30s to 40s and so on. It's exciting and daunting, all rolled into one. With every new era, your palette is refined a little more as you hone your likes and dislikes (e.g., you definitely need to toss these things by age 30).

As every year rolls over, so too does your salary, which means your home can start to reflect your matured taste and sophisticated aesthetic. But developing your artistic sensibility takes time and confidence, so we launched our new series, Style by the Decades, to help. We've already guided you through the living room and dining room, so this time we compiled a few of the must-have pieces for every bathroom, according to your age.

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