I Hate Working Out—But This Cool-Girl Fitness Class Changed Me

Gabrielle Savoie

Courtesy of The Bari Studio

Today in unpopular opinion, I'm not a workout person. In New York City (where I live), that's like saying you hate dogs (or Oprah). It's simply unacceptable. It's not that I don't enjoy the physical act of working out (most of the time, at least). It's more that I can't seem to find the time to get to a class that fits with my schedule (and isn't fully booked weeks ahead), I get bored with workouts easily, and don't even get me started on the gym—I loathe it. I tried many of the popular boutique classes in New York City to keep me motivated or in shape but had little success. The truth is, most of the time, I simply would prefer to be doing literally anything else. So sue me.

Last summer, I had pretty much resorted to a diet of quick morning jogs and eating whatever I wanted. It did the trick, at least in the warmer months. But all this changed last summer, while I was attending an Alise CollectiveSurf Lodge wellness retreat in Montauk. Our daily schedule included a one-hour Bari class at 9 a.m. I'd be lying if I said I didn't drag my feet the first couple of days, but by the last workout, I was hooked. Something about the mix of music, dance, strength-training, and Pilates movements kept my short-attention-span brain motivated and my body active. I also started seeing (and feeling) results almost immediately. I'm not alone—every day, the small TriBeCa studio is crawling with women and men from all over the city looking to feel and look great.

We chatted with The Bari Studio founder, Alexandra Bonetti, on the ins and outs of what makes Bari a successful (and addictive) workout. After graduating from the prestigious Wharton University of the University of Pennsylvania and leaving a promising consulting career in oil and gas, she founded The Bari Studio with the goal of bringing her favourite workout method to people who are short on time everywhere. Today, The Bari Studio is launching its annual Bari Peel—a six-week challenge to entirely transform your body—which you can access entirely online from anywhere. Combining workout recipes with clean-eating principles and mindfulness exercises, Bari Peel is the perfect method to get you back on track for the New Year. Find out more about the new cool workout that's taking New York by storm.

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