How to Get the Balenciaga Look at Home

Peter Dolkas

Since Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in 1918, Balenciaga has symbolized modern style to the world. Rumour has it that Jacqueline Kennedy loved his designs so much that her bills were paid for by her father, instead of her husband, for fear that the American public would think her purchases too lavish. (We understand completely, Jackie.) The cutting-edge designs have not changed since Balenciaga’s days.

Alexander Wang, the fashion house’s current designer, said in regards to his latest collection, "At the beginning, it was about the idea of architectural forms and symmetry, the 360-degree view.” Intrigued by the idea of a home inspired by Balenciaga’s architectural designs, check out our findings below (including Jeffrey Alan Mark's dynamic dining room design), and prepare for your space to get inordinately fashionable. 

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