Tour This Fashion PR Agency’s Refined Sydney Office

by Lauren Powell

The office of AWPR, one of Australia’s most renowned PR and Communications agencies, is the definition of #interiorgoals. The reimagined commercial space, located in Sydney’s hip inner city suburb of Surry Hills is best described as refined-meets-cool.

It comes as no surprise the space is completely envy-inducing considering the agency manages an array of the most coveted fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands in the country. The light-filled showroom is home to the latest collections from Ginger & Smart, Carla Zampatti, Misha Collection, as well as e-commerce powerhouse The Iconic and international fashion players MRP, to name just a few.

Director, Adam Worling, and his team of eight staff have occupied the art deco space for over eight years and if we were them, we’d never (ever) leave. The crisp white walls, unimaginable high ceilings, and glass-panelled archways are complimented with a library of fashion-inspired coffee table books, wish-list-worthy Jardan seating on top of Kulchi rugs, and the most extraordinary display of artwork that you’d be forgiven for thinking you had entered an art gallery.

Keep scrolling to step inside the workspace of our dreams, and allow Worling, the creative genius behind the design and art aficionado, to divulge his inspiration and love for the space.  

MYDOMAINE: Who designed the space?

ADAM WORLING: It was an existing commercial space that between myself, the AWPR staff, and many friends in the industry we re-imagined to become our fashion showroom. 

MD: What was your inspiration for the design of the space?

AW: The brief was always to maintain a crisp gallery feel with white walls so that whatever collection and season we are showing on behalf of clients, the space compliments rather than detracts from the clothes. I am also an avid collector of art and photography so the gallery concept continues through to the office space to showcase many of the works we've accumulated over the years and the many creatives we have been lucky to work with.

MD: What do you love most about the space? 

AW: We love the height of the ceilings and of course the archways. We fell in love with the way they let the light travel through the space beautifully. We get so many comments from our visitors of how they are reminiscent of the architecture within residential apartments in Paris. It's also located right in the heart of Surry Hills so the location is wonderful for our business.

MD: What is your favourite item in the space?

AW: Our art and photography collection is a never ending project for us. The team and I are constantly inspired by the works and are adding to the collection all the time. It's an amazing to be surrounded by classic and contemporary art and photography while you work.

MD: How many people occupy the office?

AW: We have a team of eight staff here at AWPR across our fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, and digital departments. We have a strong internship program also so there is often 2-3 intern helping the team on any given day.

MD: How would you describe the environment and culture of the office?

AW: In one word—collaborative. Our team works so closely with clients to create a point of difference in a very fast moving industry. We love to have an open forum to workshop ideas. I believe that by creating a beautiful space to work in, creativity can flourish and amazing ideas can be realised. It can a tough industry to succeed in so we've really tried to develop a culture that is unique to us and ensures that our team feels valued and supported. 

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What is your favourite feature of this stylish office? Tell us below!

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