Jonathan Steinitz

Jonathan Steinitz

Guest Editor

from: Houston, TX

The book that changed my life: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. It’s a pretty light read, but Chuck Klosterman has this brilliant ability to insightfully deconstruct pop culture in a very entertaining way.

The most amazing meal I've ever had: My mama’s sausage jambalaya is hard to beat.

The morning and nighttime routines I swear by: Morning: Two alarms, 15 minutes apart. The first one rouses me and the second is my cue to actually get out of bed. Tom Ford eye cream for as few bags as possible, despite often falling asleep while on Pinterest late at night. Three spritzes of Le Labo Santal 33 so that I smell nice. Nighttime: No matter what else I do (or how much I pin), the most important thing is kissing my husband goodnight.

The best décor hack I've learned: The art of mixing high and low, vintage and modern, dark and light. I have enjoyed collecting objects and decorating inspiration from around the world since I was little, and I have always found great happiness in combining pieces in unexpected ways to create personality in a room.  

My interior stylist spirit animal is: Jonathan Adler. I love his iconic aesthetic—it adds smile factor to high design. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by people and spaces that are stylish, fun, and full of creative expression?

The Instagram handles I follow religiously are: @__nitch (for deep thoughts), @consortdesign (for playfully chic interior design inspo), @deliciouslystella (for hilarious healthy eating spoofs), @rouxby_photo (for seriously amazing photography), @graymalin (for photographic whimsy), @cntraveler (for #vacationgoals).

This season, my go-to cocktail order is: negroni. It’s boozy, bitter, and a beautiful deep orange color—perfect for a "Mambo Italiano" moment.

The first lesson I learned as an Adult with a capital A: As far as I’m concerned, growing up is giving up.

The most surprising thing I learned from a MyDomaine story is: I didn’t know not to do this until I read about it. And now I know!

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