How to Style Your Home Like an Aussie

Sacha Strebe

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, an impressive coastline, and abundant sunshine, Australia has topped the world’s happiest country list for three years in a row, and it’s no wonder! If you had to describe an Aussie in three words or fewer, laid-back, open, and fun would probably spring to mind, and it’s this very trio of traits that defines their homes, too. Australian interiors have coined the “laid-back look,” a timeless, personal, and distinctive style that’s very relaxed and simple yet incredibly sophisticated, with an international flavour. Since there’s so much space to be had, the open-plan look is incredibly popular, and Aussies love to bring the outside in. When it works, the Australian style appears effortless, but how to achieve that sophisticated simplicity isn’t always so evident. We asked some of Australia’s top interior experts how to mimic this native look, wherever you are.

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