This Is Where Aussie It Girls Shop (and Why You Should, Too)

Sophie Miura

It's been a year since I moved from Sydney to New York, and the reason I'm tempted to plan a vacation back to Australia isn't what you'd expect. Sure, I miss the pristine white-sand beaches that dot the coastline and winter weather that stays above 15 degrees, but one of the things I miss most are the boutiques. There's a reason Australian bloggers tend to dominate our Instagram feed and always pop up in the best street style shots: They have access to some of the best under-the-radar fashion and lifestyle boutiques and brands in the world.

I might be biased, but a string of new store openings in the last year has started to draw attention to Australia as a leading shopping destination, and each store's layout and design are as Instagram-worthy as its wares. To start, Lucy Folk's new all-pink Bondi store will make you want to embrace floor-to-ceiling colour, and Mister Zimi's Byron Bay boutique will inspire you to decorate your home like a Spanish villa.

These are the 10 It girl–approved stores you don't want to miss.


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