The One Attribute These 200 Successful Millionaires Have in Common


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The old saying 'we'll have whatever she's having' is generally uttered when an otherworldly dessert lands on the table of a fellow diner, but we have to admit—we also feel like saying it when we're in the near radius of anyone who manages to exude success. You know the people we mean: They're the ones that always seem to get ahead, have great time management, bring great ideas to the table, keep an enviously clean desk and have the memory of a 128GB iPhone. (They generally look fabulous doing all this, too).

Thanks to Dr. Jude Miller Burke, a leadership coach and author, we know via Business Insider that there's one common theme that runs through successful people, and it's been uncovered from an extensive three-year long study of over 200 self-made millionaires. If you want to talk success, we think this is a pretty good place to start your chatter.

“The personality trait most closely linked with high-level work achievement in the Millionaire Mystique study (and confirmed in other research) is conscientiousness, and millionaires and multimillionaires display it at a much higher level than less successful people," writes Dr. Jude Miller Burke in her book, The Millionaire Mystique. (Miller Burke is also a self-made millionaire so yes, she's one of the people we mentioned above).

Applying a serially conscientious attitude to work—and life, for that matter—is a perfectly understandable road to success: if you're conscientious, you probably have an innate ability to get on with things despite the odds being against you (it's that positive attitude and all), you prefer doing a job well rather than just ticking it off your list, you're always thorough in what you do achieve, and we'd guess your the person who always, always volunteers to help out. 

Conscientious people, Burke also writes, “reap rewards because they are the least likely to let their lives spin out of control when a crisis happens." They also "plan carefully, execute their plans, and reap the self-esteem that comes from keeping their promises and working at a high level." 

Who wouldn't want that person on their team? 

Read more about her studies of 200 millionaires in "The Millionaire Mystique" ($24) and head over to Business Insider to read more about the benefits of being conscientious.

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