Are Egg Yolks Actually Healthy? A Nutritionist Sets the Record Straight

From eating a well-balanced diet to getting enough exercise, more people than ever are making a huge effort to live a healthy lifestyle. But as wellness and fitness become more popular, what we know about nutrition and exercise has advanced. We now know that a 20-minute HIIT session can give you the same benefits of a longer, slower cardio workout and that a plant-based diet is your best bet if you’re concerned about disease prevention.

One area that people still seem pretty unsure about, though? Whether eggs yolks are healthy. Do a poll of your friends and family, and you’ll probably get mixed responses—especially if you ask your parents, who likely think it’s egg whites–only all the way. But just like other areas of the wellness arena, thoughts on egg yolks are evolving.

Here’s what experts say about whether you should be eating egg yolks—and, more importantly, why.

The Egg White Obsession

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