This Is Happening: Rihanna's Arabian Disco

Peter Dolkas

Moroccan style has had it's moment. It's time for a new eastern influence, and it's coming directly from the source. Harper's Bazaar Arabia's latest editorial featuring Rihanna, photographed by Ruven Afanador, reflects the culture of the Middle East through a high-fashion lens. The new look, which we've deemed Arabian Disco, translates into the home with ease.

The luxury and high style of booming Middle Eastern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi meets the retro forms of the 1970s disco movement. Kelly Wearstler has been nailing this look for years with her use of precious stones, geometric furniture, and everything that embodies the idea of glamour. Get the look in your own home by first embracing bold colours, like the rich hues seen in bazaar spice markets, and integrating luxury materials like brass and mirror wherever possible. Finally, just as jeans became bell bottoms and hair became afros in the days of disco, so should your furniture take on new shape: look for odd curves, interesting lines, and unexpected shapes. You'll be doin' the hustle in your new Arabian palace in no time.

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