7 Reasons Why an Apple Watch is Worth the Investment

Lauren Powell
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If I’m completely honest, the initial fuss about the Apple Watch didn’t really interest me. At all. My uneducated perception was that it was surely a money-making exercise rather than a genuine consumer intended creation. I mean, how could I possibly need another gadget? Let alone another Apple gadget. And I love new gadgets. But my existing sturdy line-up of devices––iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and iMac––were keeping me more than connected. And trust me when I say I wanted to want it, but I couldn’t seem to justify it.  

As this tech break-through continued to evolve, I became more and more interested. I wanted to know more, but from people in my close network who were also tech aficionados, not just reviews on websites. After some casual researching at social events, the general consensus was my friends who owned one, loved it and couldn’t live without it. But no matter how much they tried to sway me, I was still asking: what makes an Apple Watch worth the investment?

The only way to get rid of my doubt once and for all was to test Apple’s “most personal device ever” for myself, so I did. The result? I’m hooked. Another true Apple Watch devotee added to the list. Read on to find out the 7 reasons why I’m unexpectedly converted.

1. More efficient, but less connected   

Recently, I started feeling as though my iPhone was a permanent extension of my hand (yes, I’ll reluctantly admit it). I was somewhat addicted to checking it constantly throughout the day for missed calls, new text messages, social media updates, the weather, emails—anything that made me feel more connected. As a result, I’d get lost in my phone for much longer than intended. The Apple Watch provides you with these notifications with a non-intrusive, silent “touch” (which feels like a subtle tap on your wrist) for you to easily and quickly view and action (if necessary), all while your phone is out of sight and unavailable for distraction. This cure for my iPhone dependency has been liberating.

2. Customise your notifications

A brilliant feature of Apple Watch is that you don’t have to receive all your notifications. You can customise your preferences on the Apple Watch app (from your iPhone) to receive notifications from specific contacts only. During work hours, I set mine so I only receive notifications from important work colleagues and immediate family to eliminate unwanted disruptions—a serious contender for my favourite feature.

3. The perfect “break time” reminder

The hourly ‘”time to stand!” notification may seem patronising at first, but now knowing how imperative it is for our health to stand up consistently over the duration of each day and considering that I sit at my desk for hours on end, day after day, this reminder is certainly a welcomed one (once you get past the feeling that your watch thinks you’re inept at life). Plus, it’s perfect excuse to make yourself a cuppa.

4. Never miss a meeting again

Of course the Apple Watch is synced with your calendar, but there’s something to be said about a meeting reminder pop up on your wrist if you’re not by your phone or computer. It’s saved me many a time already! Plus, it feels more like a friendly cue than a bossy alert which is also a bonus.

5. Multitasking phone calls

This feature isn’t always useful, however, being able to both take and make phone calls directly through your watch has proved to be extremely convenient. It may seem simple, but being able to take a quick phone call when you're in a quiet area without stopping what you're doing even for one second—life changing.

6. Speedy message replies

Believe it or not, you can actually reply to text messages on the Apple Watch. The device has a list of custom replies to choose from and you can amend then to match your personal tone and text lingo so that your best friends are none the wiser. Efficient texting—I’m sold!

7. Exercise inspiration

The pre-existing activity app tracks your daily, weekly and monthly exercise regime by monitoring time spent, steps, distance and calories—is there anything more motivating than viewing these results? Unlikely.

If, like me, you’re now sold on the modern-day timepiece, then browse for your new combined  fashion and tech accessory here.

Do you own an Apple Watch? If so, what do you love about it? Tell us in the comments below!

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