Hungover? This Juice Is the Ultimate Cure

Sophie Miura

If you’ve woken up after one too many cocktails and are nursing the mother of all hangovers, this will come as welcome news. Researchers from the University of Calgary have discovered that a common drink in your fridge can relieve a headache, pronto: apple juice.

Researchers gave either diluted juice or an electrolyte drink to a group of children suffering from mild gastroenteritis and dehydration, according to Live Science. Surprisingly, they found that children who drank a mixture of apple juice and water were far less likely to return to the doctor to receive fluids through an IV.

So what does this mean for your crippling headache? A major cause of hangovers is dehydration, courtesy of the ethanol content in alcohol. If you’re in a world of pain, reach for water and apple juice, rather than a costly electrolyte drink. Your pounding head (and wallet) will thank you.

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