Curb Your Anxiety With These 7 Home Hacks

Gabrielle Savoie

No matter how much effort we put into living a happy and healthy life, anxiety is bound to rear its ugly head one day or another. You might be stressed about an upcoming move, worried about finances, or gut-wrenched at the political climate, and bam—you're suddenly hit with a pit in your stomach, heavy breathing, and heart palpitations. Sounds familiar?

Next time you sense these unwelcomed feelings creep in, there are a few easy things you can do at home to kick them to the curb and get back to your normal self. Identifying the source of your anxiety can be the first step to overcoming a panic attack, but if you're just looking to feel calmer and more in control, these quick hacks can help. Better yet, some of these may actually prevent your anxious tendencies before they even appear. Ready to breathe a big sigh of relief? Try these anxiety home remedies now.

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