No Lie: This Snack Can Reverse Ageing (and It Takes 5 Minutes to Make)

Kelsey Clark

Gone are the days of low-fat diets and fat-free everything; a growing body of research supports healthy fats as a staple in any balanced diet. Foods like salmon, tuna, avocado, unrefined coconut oil, grass-fed butter and ghee, and high-quality extra-virgin olive oil can actually boost your energy levels and help you maintain a healthy weight. 

What's more, Bulletproof coach in training and fitness aficionado Brian Comstock calls high-quality fats an "anti-ageing powerhouse," he writes on Mindbodygreen. "Fending off long-term health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease is one thing," he says, but healthy fats also "improve your brain function, memory, skin, fertility, and even ability to burn fat."

Comstock recommends the below recipe for fat bombs if you want to increase your healthy fat intake, though he does caution against overdoing it. "As with any dietary advice, test what works for you," he clarifies. "Be sure to get lots of leafy greens into your diet to balance the effects of fat." Without further ado, here's his go-to recipe for healthy chocolate coconut fat bombs: 


1/2 cup melted organic coconut oil
1/2 cup organic cacao powder
1/2 cup almond butter


Melt the coconut oil. Whisk in the cacao powder and almond butter until homogeneous and smooth. Place into bowl or container(s) of your choosing (extra presentation points if using small paper muffin cups). Refrigerate or freeze until hard, then store in refrigerator until ready to consume.

Head over to Mindbodygreen for more of Comstock's fat bomb recipes, and share your thoughts on this snack in the comments below!

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