10 Insider Tips an Anthropologie Stylist Knows (and You Don't)

Sophie Miura

Most brands interpret or mimic trends, but a select few have the authority to go a step beyond and create them. One such powerhouse is Anthropologie. Every season that the brand anticipates the pieces we'll covet for our homes—and always gets it right. 

Given its presence and ability to make or break trends, we wondered: Who are the people behind the brand who have such a strong influence on our homes? Christina Frederick, Anthropologie's customer styling director, and Anne White, lead home stylist, are two such creatives who are tasked with staying ahead of the curve. The duo lead the décor styling service, offering insider advice and practical tips to recreate the brand's enviable aesthetic at home.

Here, they answer our burning home décor questions, from the only trends we need to know for fall and winter, to their top trick for layering patterned accents with ease. Take note: Here's everything you need to know to decorate your home like an Anthropologie stylist:

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