This Is Anna Wintour's Secret to Success—and It Isn't "B*tchiness"

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There’s no denying the powerful influence of Anna Wintour. The Vogue editor in chief and Condé Nast artistic director is a fierce leader and dynamic authority within the fashion industry—and in political circles, too. Due in part to the popular film The Devil Wears Prada, and probably because of her gender—women still battle with dated stereotypes in the workplace—Wintour has become well known for being a “b*tch.” This is not only incredibly sexist and inappropriate but also very distracting when we could be learning from knowledgeable, successful female leaders like her. Interviews with the stylish editor in chief are a rare occurrence, but lucky for us, she shared a few of the secrets to her success in the first episode of Vogue’s new podcast with contributing editor André Leon Talley. Scroll down for a few of her revelations.

She’s Decisive 
In the conversation, Wintour explains why she’s earned her “icy reputation,” which seems to come with the territory for leaders. “It’s a winning trait in a leader and, to some, a fearsome quality in a woman.”

She Learned From Watching Her Father
Wintour was brought up in a family of journalists, and watching her late father, Charles Wintour, as editor of the London Evening Standard had a “huge influence” and helped her learn “what it was to be an editor.” She told Talley, “I learned how important it is to lead and be decisive and to, in a way, empower other people to do their best.”

She Has No Regrets
Despite admitting her mistakes, Wintour says it’s important “you try and learn from your mistakes” and “move forward” without regrets. “I think people respect that and work better under those circumstances,” she said.

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