At Home With "Pitch Perfect" Star Anna Camp

Sophie Miura

She often plays the girl you love to hate, but it's clear that actress Anna Camp's dramatic, diva-like onscreen persona is far from reality. The Pitch Perfect and now Good Girls Revolt star revealed her true colours when talking to MyDomaine about the career advice that's led to her success. "It's tough to be an actress in Hollywood with all of the rejection and competition, but maintaining perspective and never taking yourself too seriously can help keep your head held high during trying times," she says. "When success happens to knock on your door, it's great to remain humble and go with the flow, because life is too short to let your ego get the best of you." And just like that, we realised there's a side to Camp we've never seen.

To get to know the real woman behind the Barden Bella façade, we asked Camp to take us on a theoretical tour of her home. On a walk through her living room (which she sage smudges to remove negative energy) to the kitchen (where she whips up bread pudding), her answers give us a glimpse at what she's like when the cameras are switched off. Forget what you know about Anna Camp—this is what the actress is like when she's home alone.

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