Amy Schumer Shares Her Favourite NYC Spots

by Danielle Nussbaum

With her hilariously raunchy sketch show Inside Amy Schumer killing it in its second season on Comedy Central (it airs Tuesdays 10:30 PM/9:30 CT) and the upcoming movie Train Wreck with Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer spends a lot of time writing. So, when she's in New York and wants to go where everybody knows her name, she heads to Mediterranean café The Olive Tree. It just happens to sit above Greenwich Village's famed Comedy Cellar, where Schumer has been performing for years and where she spends most of her time when she's in the city. "The comedians, we all have a table in the back where we talk and drink and eat. They're like my family, you know?" she says. "It's my second home."

_1 If I've had a couple drinks and I'm saying f*ck it, I'll have their wings. If I'm trying to keep it together, I'll get a concoction I order and the waitstaff is really nice -- to my face. It's an Israeli salad with chickpeas and avocado and tabouli. I kind of mix it all in a cauldron, and I eat that. _2 How much more time do we have to talk? _3 Usually my friends are there, so we're sitting around talking, and I have to remove myself to get my set list together, so I know what I'm going to say when I get on stage. I write keywords on a napkin or a smaller piece of paper. For longer stuff, I'm a marble notebook and pen girl. It always winds up being a pen from a hotel -- usually one that would take all my cred away, like the Hilton Garden Inn or something. _4 The Central Park Zoo, right by the clock tower where the animals go around every hour. Or Riverside Park. But I do most of my writing in my bed. I've got a good view of New York. _5 Half the time, I write in silence, so I can really focus. I mostly listen to things on my computer. When I was writing Train Wreck, I listened to "Mystery Girl" by Roy Orbison over and over. During rewrites, it was the Reflection EP by MisterWives. I'm very overwhelmed by technology. My sister, who is my road manager and a writer on the show and a producer, has the Samsung phone with the watch. I feel like I have one of those because she's my connection to the world. _6 The scene that opened the episode this past week, where you see that I'm hiding [in a cake]. I was walking around Tribeca, and I saw a girl and a guy holding hands. And he was looking at his phone and she was just kind of looking at him, and he was ignoring her and I just thought: "Ugh." I'm single, so I've been in those relationships, where you're like: "Just notice me, just like talk to me." I thought: "What would be the most decimating thing to try to get a guy to notice me.?" And I was talking to a friend and was like: "Pop out of a cake." If you're popping out of a cake, your relationship is not in a healthy place.


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Photographs: Reid Rolls

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