Amy Schumer Dishes on Dating

Genevieve Fish

The star of Inside Amy Schumer and the summer comedy Trainwreck (out July 17) doesn’t hold anything back about her dating life for InStyle. Schumer shares the lessons she learned throughout her 20s in the classic Schumer way—hilarious, raunchy, and oh so confident. Read on for a few of our favourite Schumerisms.

Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive.

Schumer recommends making the first move, but once things get intimate, she’s all about the man taking charge. “I really like a shy guy,” Schumer says. “I like to be the aggressor, I think. At first, anyways.”

Bad boys are fun, but they have an expiration date.

“I think when I turned 30 [is when I started to get wise about bad boys].” Know when to enjoy the ride and when to walk away.

Stick to your deal breakers.

Schumer likes to stick around to give a guy a chance, but there are certain no-nos that are immediate deal breakers. Schumer lists those deal-breaking qualities as “too close to your mum, narcissist, picky eater, [and something too raunchy for us to write].”

To read Schumer’s tongue-in-cheek dating guide, visit InStyle, and check out Amy Schumer’s favourite New York spots for a greater look into our number one comedian’s life.

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