The Surprising Thing Americans Are Really Bad At

Katie Sweeney

After spending the long holiday weekend at a friend’s beach house, I can’t help but wonder about when (and where) my next vacation will be. Since I love planning any sort of getaway, I was surprised to learn that Americans are taking fewer and fewer vacations. Earlier today the LA Times released a map illustrating how much vacation time countries around the world take. “In America, paid vacation time isn't legally required, but it is in many other countries. Europe, for example, leads the pack of the world's richest nations when it comes to guaranteed time off with an average of 20 days of paid vacation each year,” author Mary Forgione writes. With 30 days per year, France has the highest number of paid time off. Although America has zero mandatory paid time off, many companies give employers two weeks of vacation. However, according to the story, 56% of Americans have not taken a vacation in the past year. Why are Americans so bad at taking time off? Excessive work load and financial constraints are two possible ideas, but shouldn’t be enough to stop you from taking a few days off. Not going on vacation is detrimental to both the employee and the company: “When employees don't use their paid time off, research shows it affects their happiness, health, and performance and productivity at work, all of which can undermine company success.” So what are you waiting for? Book that trip to Argentina you’ve been wanting to take! 

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When was the last time you went on a week-long vacation?

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